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People tend to connect with animals in deep ways that positively affect their lives.  Pets are loyal and non-judgmental, loving and tend to be terrific listeners.  Whether you realize it or not our furry companions can affect your human well being including increased relaxation and decreased anxiety in today's stressful climate.  They are our silent therapists helping us to feel comfortable in their presence while facilitating social interaction by providing their humans with a common topic of interest.

The bond created between humans and pets is indisputable.

Our founder and President Heather has more then 16 years of nutritional research in the pet industry.  She strives on a daily basis to deliver and maintain the most recent nutritional information for your pet.

Critter Corral, Inc. is a Health and Wellness Facility designed for Pets.  We have two locations to offer you and your pets the services needed to maintain a healthy life for your furry friends. Our unique facility is designed to offer the highest levels of dedication to customer service and knowledge in pet nutritional health and wellness.


Coopersburg:  The grooming salon and nutritional store. 


The diets we offer are catered to your pets nutritional needs.  Our personalized approach takes your pet's health to a new level of understanding the treats and diets offer in today's world for your pet.  Prevention is our strategy but due to the lack of pet nutritionists available to the community, we find most pets come to us with existing conditions unable to be treated by repeated conventional veterinary medicine. You will not find many commercial offerings in our store as they do not meet our nutritional discretion.


Quakertown:  The doggie day care and boarding facility


This facility, located on 25 acres, was designed to offer your pet the best in supervised socialization and care while you are away.  Doggie daycare is offered on a daily basis (not Sunday), to provide your pet socializing interactions with his/her kind.  Our boarding offers an air conditioned, heated, surround sound, web cam accessible facility for your pet to enjoy during his overnight stay.



Consultations are currently free if you purchase products recommended, based on needs nutritionally from the discussion.  It never takes more then an hour.  In our discussion we get a background of you and your pets habits.  Environment, treating, diet and overall behavior gives us a background when evaluating the history of your dog and his/her exposures.






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